What is a Scent Dinner ? Experience a Scent Dinner

Scent Dinners are the combination of fine dining with a stimulating interactive master class in scent & perfume, two parallel dinners, one olfactory and invisible, the other gustatory and edible. These dinner parties are a creative experience for corporate retreats, public fundraisers or as a wonderful gathering of friends. I create them around the world in collaboration with renowned chefs Vito Mollica, Executive Chef of the Four Seasons Florence; Paul Liebrandt to Samuel Benne at Lapérouse in Paris; Jimmy Sakatos of the Carlyle Hotel; Lawrence Klang of Natalie's in Camden; Fabio Trabocchi of The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York and Fabrice Guisset of Las Venetanas in Cabo.

For my olfactory dinner, with each course I have guests enjoy professional-grade gourmand perfumery raw materials such as -- essences and absolutes of French mint, Brazilian cacao, Peruvian pink peppercorn, Indian saffron -- and the great culinary perfumes that began with Guerlain's 1925 Shalimar (whose heart is vanilla), Angel (its key molecule is ethyl maltol, the molecule you taste when you eat cotton candy), Tom Ford's Black Orchid (powered with a chewy, dirty absolute of rum), and the great new chocolate floral Missoni.

I pass around these scent raw materials and perfumes on blotters, interacting throughout the evening with guests, taking them behind the scenes of the perfume industry and it's history. Personal impressions to the same scent quickly open relaxed conversations that draw the group together. Guest learn about one another as they learn about the fragrance.

Teaming with the chef we generate a menu that reflects in each of his culinary, edible courses with the gourmand perfumes I've used in my olfactory dinner. A Scent Dinner is the intersection of fragrance and fine dining.

The scent dinners also function beautifully as fund raising events for charities, political, medical, and educational organizations.

To book a scent dinner contact my speaking agent, Theresa Brown.

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